Our products are flexible for the competitive market in term
of different sizes, shapes, colors and scents. The streamlined
manufacturing procedures are developed in order to reduce
cost and fulfill our on time delivery order commitment to our client.

The incense components are created and made from natural
wooden saw dust, sticky wooden powder (cassenpine), water,
pharmaceutical-grade colors and fragrances (standard quality
and safety as accepted IFRM). Special feature and quality of
our incenses are smoothsurface, sooting, non-toxic scents
and least smoke a piece droped ash without dust.

Our leading-edge manufacturing technology is capable of
producing incense sticks from 5-50 cm. in length, with a
diameter as small as 2.5 mm. to as large as 5 cm.
The approximate duration for burning an incense stick with
a 3 mm. size diameter, is 1 cm. per 2.5 min. The duration
for our standard incense cones is approximately 15 min.
for a small cone, and 45 min. for a large cones.

The clients can provide their own design for packaging, or our
designer will design it for you using a variety of materials such
as paper, wood, and plastic.In addition, the incense holder
can be packaged together or separately from the package.